Scruffy and I reunite in the kitchen, once again, moving and grooving like time never passed.  Alongside, mini Scruff, Lydia, and Jane, another dear Colorado sister.  Wood burning stove roaring, Nina Simone wailing in the background, sweet clouds of warmth and deliciousness fill the air. With Lydia on my hip as she intently watches me and her mama cooking up a storm. Making a simple, nourishing and full flavor meal for the New Year to come.


Steaming collards and stirring a pot of black-eyed peas, keeping a close eye on the delicate Sole in the oven smothered in fresh dill, cilantro and the juice of a sumo orange and a Meyer lemon ( from my mama’s trees). Scruffy whipping up a Meyer lemon rum meringue pie with a gingersnap crust, drool.  So scrumptious! Hand whipping her egg whites with a hand-cranked beater, sprinkling, pouring and grinding different ingredients. She bakes the way I cook, no recipe.

Still dreaming of that luscious creation and even better the next day cold. Samson pacing back and forth with his ever hopeful eyes that something will drop on the floor.

 5 reason to cook at home:

Cook at Home

– SAVE money: we spent less than $20 on food for 3  1/4 people. ( not including the $15 bottle of wine). Leftovers can morph into another meal the next day. Buy in bulk, buy in season, buy local.

– HEALTHIER: you know where your food comes from and how it’s prepared. Peace of mind and happy belly.

– you can blast the MUSIC AND DANCE. obviously.

– ROUND 2:  only at home can you eat out of the pot. I do like to recreate that perfect bite, just one more time.

– you can taste the LOVE: the good stuff my friends, you will feel and taste the difference.

There are more reasons why you need to eat home made food, as it helps you stay healthy.

Some words:

My place of creation happens to be a meeting place for many. Dial in your space of creativity so you can play and then offer your gifts. I hope to inspire you to whip something up tonight or this weekend. Keep it simple, start with fresh ingredients, crank the music, have some friends over or enjoy alone and always put your love into it.

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