The journey of clear skin.

I’ve truly have been on this road for years. An ongoing battle, I may never win, but feel more empowered and knowledgeable because of the ride. I passionately believe we all endure and suffer obstacles in life so we can enlighten others to overcome what no longer serves. Each day, a clean slate, to shed our old ways, gather new tools and apply them to our lives. Constantly learning and changing, our bodies AMAZINGLY responsive and vibrant if we actually tune into to what it needs. As we listen we are forced to slow down and open our eyes to the endless wisdom and knowledge around us, whether it be in nature or in people. So whatever your struggle may be, take it as free healing, embrace it and rise above it. I offer you a snippet of my ride in hopes that you find clarity and inspiration in it all.

I’ve had years of eczema on my arms( covered in scabs), acne all over, and full on monkey session in the bathroom sink. I’ve tried every cleanser under the sun, late night hydration, countless treatments, even antibiotics. Obsessive about washing, scrubbing and treating only led to scars and more zits. Constantly putting attention to the monsters on my face just fed the problem. Unconscious itching of  my arms and picking of my face only made it worse, continuing the cycle of scar upon scar. Your not alone here, if any of this is hitting home for you. It will get better.

I believe emotional and physical stress plays a big role in skin ailments, diet contributes, but have found best results from items in my kitchen,  keeping my hands off, breathing more and slowing down.

Diving in deep, getting to the root of the problem, healing and thriving more and more every day. My skin is healthier than it has been in years and these below have contributed to it.

Some thoughts to ponder on, ones I hope improve your skin and/or outlook on healing.

RINSE with cold water first thing. eyes, nose, teeth gums, flush it. Avoid harsh cleansers, products, lotions and potions – if you can’t eat dont put it on your face. Our skin, our biggest organ will absorbs everything!

 HYDRATE INTERNALLY first thing upon waking with warm water and lemon, lime or apple cider vinegar. Allow the water to hydrate your body, tune into what you need for the day. Let this be your restart button.   Bring water with you throughout your day. Make cultivating a hydration practice a priority. For every alcoholic or caffeinated beverage you consume, drink a glass of water. When traveling, use it as an opportunity to hydrate. I make an effort to hydrate more than eating while traveling. 

HYDRATE EXTERNALLY: Don’t let skin dry out. When our skin drys out, our pores struggle to breath, pores become clogged and then we break out. Keep moisturized. I use shea butter, coconut oil and/or olive oil. For the face:I use shea butter, allow oil to penetrate. Then run a damp cotton ball over skin to pull out any dirt. When you get out of the shower lather yourself in coconut oil, cacao butter or olive oil while skin is still damp.

SLEEP. when I’m running low on sleep, my skin becomes dehydrated, pores more visible and bags under my eyes. Sleep and water are the best medicine and free. Make it priority.

CLEAN towels and pillow cases. Wash a couple times a week.

DON’T PICK. Don’t touch your face. Don’t let your friends pick at you. Leave your face alone. Steam, exfoliate and drink a big glass of water before going in for the kill. Cover mirrors if you have to and dont get any where close to magnifying mirrors. No one will ever look that close.

LIMIT CAFFEINE/STIMULANTS ( coffee, mate, sugar, cacao, maca) during your moon time and/or stress. For me, these seem to aggregate more. Dairy and gluten can also irritate for some, try cutting back and see how your skin reacts.

MEDITATE everyday. Visualize a white light clearing and cleansing your skin. 50 % of this battle is mental, irritation on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s going on in the inside. Whatever you choose to do, believe.

COOLING FOODS: cucumber, celery, parsley, mint. Avoid spicy and fried foods when skin is on the fritz.

  • Recipe: : slice 2 cucumber thin, splash apple cider vinegar, squeeze of lime, handful fresh dill chopped, handful fresh mint, 1/2 avocado diced,  drizzle of tahini or whole yogurt, pinch of sea salt, top with toasted black sesame seeds.

REEVALUATE your relationships and levels of stress. Stress is depleting on all levels and is reflected in our skin. Let go of energy vampires and slow down. You can only change a person to a certain extent. If you feel drained and exhausted after a friend or lover leaves, take it as a sign that it is no longer serving you. Let it go and keep moving forward. All is unfolding as it should, trust in the process.  

REESTABLISH your relationship with food. Relax around food. Don’t let it consume your thoughts and behaviors. Breath deep and bless your food up before consuming. Allow your body to receive not reject your food.

– TAKE NOTE: Chinese medicine teaches us that breakouts in different regions on the body can signify toxcities those particular organs. For example, congestion on the cheeks reflects the stagnation in the lungs ( lay off the smoking or avoid second hand smoke). Congestion on the chin, usually is a result of hormonal imbalance. Focus on nourishing foods, calming activities ( yoga, meditation, walks, hikes). Bumps around the hair line and jaw line could be result from sunscreen or shampoos. Try changing and see if bumps disappear. I love Alfalfa products made with shea butter.


Some words.

Surrender to what you can’t control and embrace what you can. Tis the time to take your life into your own hands. Stop relying on someone or something to fix it all, which is only a band aid to the problem. Ask for what you need and the universe will provide. Clear thoughts and intention manifest quicker than you think, just try it out.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Make plans and dream for the future, but live each moment now. The universe has many lessons and signs right under our noses if we get out of our head and open our eyes to the endless possibilities. When the voices, lists and nonsense cloud your thoughts, try singing or move your body. Shake it, center out, tune in and listen.

AND remember simple is better, breathing is good, happiness cures all. Get out there and have fun let your mind and body run wild. Your skin, body, mind and soul will all benefit.

Stay TUNED: for the next article on recipes for skin care that you can find in your kitchen:)