Life. It’s beautiful, an absolute blessing and can also be completely and utterly confusing and painful. Each day on this Earth a blessing with much beauty in both the dark and light. As humans,  we’re inevitably bound to experience some sort of suffering.  During these times, we have a  choice to revert to our old ways or shed awareness around new ways to better ourselves and the world around us.  All of us have a different purpose/calling/gift to share with the world. Understanding our purpose sometimes becomes more clear after experiencing these challenges.

Change is happening every second. Our cells are regenerating and deteriorating in this very moment. New people come in and out of our lives, as do tragedies, sickness and unfortunate events. Sometimes the dark moments feel as if nothing else matters and time has stopped.  Whatever your challenge is, know that you’re not alone. When we get to that dark spot, we can only move into the light. These obstacles do indeed strengthen our soul, further our progression and evolution as a human. Its hard to see this in the thick of it all, but know your journey is not only making you stronger, but is inspiring others to do the same.

My mother tackled cancer a few years ago with much grace, strength and humility. Not only did it bring our family closer, but she made some changes to her daily life that were no longer serving her.   I hope you enjoy this blog written by my beautiful mother  on life changes she has made since battling breast cancer.

Here’ s a snippet of her story and suggestions:

“You have cancer”.  Frightening words for anyone to hear.  I was in the Home Depot parking lot, by myself, scared and crying when I received The Call.  Thousands of questions and what ifs going through my mind.  Ultimately, I was very lucky – my tumor was small and contained.  A lumpectomy, 37 days of radiation, and 4 years of estrogen blocking drugs later, and I am a survivor!

All this to say, I changed a lot in my life after this wake up call.  I have been healthy all of my life.  I have always exercised – played sports in high school and college and worked out consistently since.  I ate fairly well – I do have a sweet tooth and love to bake, but in general made healthy choices.  However, cancer made me change a lot.


My 30 year daily habit of Diet Coke was the first to go.  I gave it up, cold turkey, upon diagnosis.  I let go of all artificial sugars such as Aspartame, Splenda, Sucrose, Nutri-sweet and Equal. Strong evidence links these poisons to cancer and weight gain. Best to go with natural sugars in moderation. Grade B Maple Syrup, Local Honey, Raw Cane Sugar and/ or real fruit are best options to satisfy that sweet tooth.


Secondly, I try to buy organic foods.   If not available, buy from your local farmers. CSAs ( community supported agriculture) are fabulous!  The variety of fruits and produce is astounding! Check out to find local options near you.


Next I got rid of my microwave.  Microwave cooking changes the nutrients in your food.  These are not healthy changes, but changes that cause deterioration in the human systems.  It zaps all of the good stuff out of your food. Try slow cookers, pressure cookers, or steam on the stove top.


Our skin is our biggest organ, we absorb everything through our skin. Buy non-toxic cleaning supplies and reevaluate the beauty products you put on your skin.

Cleaning supplies are almost always filled with health-changing toxins that you won’t find listed on their labels.  If you are using products that don’t say nontoxic, you can be sure they are filled with toxins.  There are plenty of effective nontoxic products to replace the ones you use!

This article is amazing on making household products:



FOOD AND WINE publishes my article: “9 DIY Treatments to Make in your Kitchen” 

Some more words:

Get back to the basics. Eat real food, drink lots of water, if you can’t pronounce don’t consume or apply on your body. Eat food in its raw state or simply cook in coconut oil or butter. Get plenty of sleep, move your body every day and do what makes you happy. Let go of the clutter in your house and in your relationships. Know that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Life is constantly changing every moment and will continue to ebb and flow until we leave this dimension.

Whatever your reality is, embrace it, soar high, inspire those around you, help those in need, love your blood, but don’t try to change them. Be patient with yourself and others around you. Give thanks for another day.

photo credit: #1 and #2 Eduardo Herrara