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Are you still searching for that miracle product?  That all in one product that makes life better? Ever found yourself immersed in endless infomercials, websites and/or sales pitches by dolled up perfumed mall attendants, well, I have. A multi billion dollar industry selling a  better YOU. A younger, fitter, tighter, happier YOU. Because that one product, that product full of crap, one that might quite possibly be killing us slowly is going to make us look and feel better. Mmmmm…..tis the time we take our health into our own hands. Take responsibility for the products we are buying, the animals that are tested, the plastic that is utilized and the carbon foot print traveled for that magic potion to arrive on our doorstep. The many corporations profiting off our own self worth, improving the way we look and feel seems CRAZY . The endless products claiming to zap acne, reduce wrinkles, eliminate spots, rejuvenate and tighten your skin making us look and feel 10 years young, guaranteed…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried every product out there from chemical laden over embellished bottles to the most natural companies on the market.  I’ve tried countless treatments from facials, microdermabrasion, skin peels, acupuncture, herbal remedies, vitamins and a variety of different supplements. Not to discredit the powers of the treatments listed above. I love a good facial and  still have a few products that I consciously source and enjoy.  All have a purpose, but the most empowering of all is that we can heal and nourish our skin from products in our own kitchen and/or garden and through awareness in how we move through our days.

My skin has endured many conditions from basement city kitchens, high altitude mountain abodes,  outdoor jungle kitchens to countless airports, highways, cars and buses. With  fluctuating stress levels and temperatures my skin has experienced all levels of  confusion and agitation. It definitely does NOT  help that I was a monkey in my previous life and love to pick.  From cystic acne, dark spots, scars, burns and rashes, trust me, I’ve been looking for that miracle product too.  I’ve tried it all, wanting someone else to fix my problems. Soooo.. I hope to empower you to take your own skin care initiative. Here are a few internal and external remedies that have given me peace and success along my healing journey.

  1. less is more 
  2. if you wouldnt eat it dont put it on your skin
  3. nourish 
  4. hydrate
  5. move

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Internal Medicine:


Hydrate all day. bring a thermos and/or water bottle with you EVERYWHERE. Warm water first thing in the morning. Check your skin before you begin hydrating and see your pores flush as you hydrate your body.

Positive Nourishment:

Focus on enzyme rich foods. Bring more brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Add more hydrating fruits and  vegetables to your diet such as : cucumber, watermelon, celery, parsley and watercress.


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Lessen consumption of caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, bad fats, refined flours, refined sugars and dairy.

Hands OFF:

Don’t touch your face or pick. Someone once told me treat your face as if it were worth a million dollars.

Stress Release:

yoga, running, surfing, meditation, walking – Every day do something channel it, move it.

Believe and Visualize: 

Believe deep down what you are using or consuming is healing and nourishing you. Every day visualize and manifest your skin problems or irritations vanishing. Flood your body with a white cleansing light~ sounds crazy, I know, but the power of creating awareness in the mind will benefit you on many levels.



Dry Brushing:  (i use a bass brush)

Before you shower brush when skin is dry, brush towards the heart.  This brings blood to the surface, flushes the lymphatic system, removes dead skin layers, helps circulation and cellulite, stimulates oil and hormone producing glands, stimulates organs, exfoliates and detoxifies.

Blemishes/ Problem area:

Clay mask ( I use benonite clay or volcanic clay from the river), baking soda ( with a touch of water on problem areas) and/or apple cider vinegar ( diluted in water to cleanse irritated area). also, a mixture of tea tree, lavender and fresh aloe gel on spots

Sore Muscles:

Warm bath with epson salts, peppermint and lavender essential oils

Jungle Foot Fungus:

Tea tree oil, grapeseed extract, oregano oil ( add a few drops of each to warm water and soak feet for 15 min every day)

Damaged Ocean Hair:

Avocado, coconut milk and honey. blend and massage into hair.



Fresh aloe: externally for skin irritations, bites, acne, poison ivy, skin cancer, athletes foot, arthritis, varicose veins, eczema, reduces scarring are just a few of the amazing benefits

 Sesame Oil: smear on wound immediately after.

Hydrating  Face Mask:


Avocado. Eat half and smear the rest on your face. Amazing after a day in the sun and/or wind.

Natural Sunscreen:

Cacao butter , shea butter ( i’ve been told both are naturally  SPF 15). I use la roche posay and headhunter when I surf.


Papaya seeds, coconut milk and coconut flakes ( removes dead skin cells).

Cornmeal and yogurt ( moisturizing)

Coffee grounds and brown sugar (stimulate and tighten)

Sea salt, coconut oil and fresh ginger ( warming and invigorating)- FOR THE BODY


african black soap, dr.bronners


Fill spray bottle with 3/4 full with filtered water, 8 drops of pure rose oil, 6 drops of lavender, 4 drops of peppermint, 3 drops of ylang ylang.

Body Moisturizer:

Cacao butter and coconut oil mixed with ylang ylang and lavender. or jojoba oil mixed with your favorite essential oils

Deodorant: in a spray bottle mixture of grain alcohol, peppermint, vanilla, geranium and lavender. inspiration from this company: green skunk

Tired / Puffy eyes: cool cucumber slices and fresh aloe gel.

*** check out for more information

environmental working group.

a few products i  still use and love:

one love cleanser

huile de grace restorative moisturizer : I apply before bed, let soak in for 5-10 minutes, then take a damp cotton ball and run over face to remove any excess dirt.

la roche posay 30 fluid sunscreen


 in telluride, colorado?:

check out studio g ask for jolynn or ginger 

– amazing facials with yummy products

in jacksonville ?:

email me for more info.

some words:

Sweet ylang ylang and gardenia fill the air. The rain cleanses and rejuvenates the land.

Keep spreading the love and conscious awareness.

WE are the change. Ignite it and Share it.

Covered in avocado and coconut oil..


sipping a pipa water,


sending love to you all,







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