Our cars packed to the brim with pots, pans, a stove, knives, machetes, bags of beans, racks of coconuts, kilos of rice, and a pile of surfboards strapped to the top of the car. 3 jungle sisters and a handsome photographer embarking on a journey to bring Jungle Soul Table to the Envision Festival. With thousands of people pouring into Uvita, we trekked north to co-create and nourish the masses. My phone ringing every few minutes with different food distributors calling to sell or coordinate pick up and delivery of the local goods was quite hilarious. Exchanging and bartering for food, meeting in parking lots, farms and grocery stores throughout the day into night, sourcing the yum….

4 days of cooking, dancing, yoga, and surfing. An experience of a lifetime, one we will never forget. People from all over the world collaborating in the jungle to co-create for a weekend of self-expression.  Still struggling to fully capture the experience into words, hope you can taste a snippet from our photos.

My dear friend and sidekick these past few weeks. Cocreating magic to document a slice of the book I’ve been writing.

Much gratitude and respect to you my friend for putting up with me. Thank you for sharing your art:

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Zipporah photos by this lovely goddess: follow her art and be inspired here:


some words:

Working on this book has been one of my biggest challenges. Learning so much every day, inspired by the souls around me, coming into my voice and what aspects of life truly fuel me. Gathering the pieces, bringing it together from many lessons in the kitchen, in the water, in love, and with my own personal health journey.

My mission to share my experience with you to evoke inspiration, light, and knowledge. With help from my creative dual Ms. Zipporah Lomax and my friend the photographer Edu, this book is ready to be birthed. Zippy said to me yesterday, “deadlines are like crystal meth for creatives”. My procrastination must come to end, the time is NOW. So set your deadlines, my friends. Let us share the art and knowledge, and pass it on. Call in what you seek.

All my love,

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