Back in the jungle with my handsome-hairy love after a few FULL weeks in the States. HEART opening, humbling, exciting and exhausting to say the least, but genuinely GRATEFUL for the experiences. I’m struggling with finding the balance between my life here in the jungle and in the States. I travel to the mainland full and bright and somehow return to the jungle depleted and defeated, a dance that I will master with time.


In the eye of the storm, spiraling, riding the undulating twists and turns that this beautiful life brings. Each moment so rich and full, I can truly taste it. Even my dream world is vividly succulent. My senses stimulated, my mind a cluttered mess, my body continuously healing, waking up to the infinite possibilities; an ongoing journey of finding peace and love within. Each moment that we authentically show up, our experiences more full, our offerings more genuine.

LIFE, like the unpredictable waves of the sea, truly beautiful in all its magic and mystery. As the years have passed, I continue to experience an abundance of unexpected lessons in life, love, and health that are not always easy to confront, honestly painful at times, but I feel I’m here to do the work. Opening my eyes to the infinite possibilities, stepping back into my body, shedding what no longer serves me one day at a time. I continue to gather the pieces of the puzzle, along with my journey, humbled, inspired and stoked to share a piece of my experience with YOU.

So that being said, I must give Facebook a rest. It’s equally a distraction and a communication tool for me. I will continue to write here on lady love food.

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