Our cars packed to the brim with pots, pans, a stove, knives, machetes, bags of beans, racks of coconuts, kilos of rice, and a pile of surfboards strapped to the top of the car. 3 jungle sisters and a handsome photographer embarking on a journey to bring Jungle Soul Table to the Envision Festival. With thousands of people pouring into Uvita, we trekked north to co-create and nourish the masses. My phone ringing every few minutes with different food distributors calling to sell or coordinate pick up and delivery of the local goods was quite hilarious. Exchanging and bartering for food, meeting in parking lots, farms and grocery stores throughout the day into night, sourcing the yum….

4 days of cooking, dancing, yoga, and surfing. An experience of a lifetime, one we will never forget. People from all over the world collaborating in the jungle to co-create for a weekend of self-expression.  Still struggling to fully capture the experience into words, hope you can taste a snippet from our photos.

My dear friend and sidekick these past few weeks. Cocreating magic to document a slice of the book I’ve been writing.

Much gratitude and respect to you my friend for putting up with me. Thank you for sharing your art:

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Zipporah photos by this lovely goddess: follow her art and be inspired here:


some words:

Working on this book has been one of my biggest challenges. Learning so much every day, inspired by the souls around me, coming into my voice and what aspects of life truly fuel me. Gathering the pieces, bringing it together from many lessons in the kitchen, in the water, in love, and with my own personal health journey.

My mission to share my experience with you to evoke inspiration, light, and knowledge. With help from my creative dual Ms. Zipporah Lomax and my friend the photographer Edu, this book is ready to be birthed. Zippy said to me yesterday, “deadlines are like crystal meth for creatives”. My procrastination must come to end, the time is NOW. So set your deadlines, my friends. Let us share the art and knowledge, and pass it on. Call in what you seek.

All my love,


If you loved a new morning part 1, you will love this second part even more than the first.

Beach Ready

10 easy steps to a new morning and a new YOU. 

  • BUENAS DIAS: When healing, pregnant, elderly and/or sick allow your body to sleep. If not, try waking as the sun is rising.
  • TRANQUILO: As you awake be gentle with yourself. Check in with your breath, your body and mind. Give thanks for another morning. Try to keep the chatter to a minimum. Wait to open your computer until after you have nourished yourself on all levels. It can wait. ( Unplug your wireless internet before you go to bed. Wait to rev it back up until after you check in with YOU.



  • brush: Try circular motions with soft bristles. Easy on the gums.
  • floss – Someone once told me to care for your teeth as you would your bum. Give attention to the surface, but what lies between the cracks is equally as important. Floss those teeth.
  • oil pulling: Swoosh coconut oil in your mouth to remove toxins and whiten teeth. I like to do while cleaning or reading. Swoosh for at least 20 minutes and spit out. Aim for a couple times a week.
  • tongue scraping: Our tongues are mirrors to our intestines. A thick white coating can indicate the presence of toxins and/or candida. Tongue scraping is great to reset your palate, cleanse your breath and prevent toxins from reentering your body.

Start to weave these into your daily tooth care. You will notice and feel a difference. Educate your friends and kids, it will save you money, time and pain in the long run.

  • Skin FRESH: wash face, eyes, and mouth with cool, clean water. Avoid soap and/or harsh cleansers. If you can’t eat it try leaving it off your skin. Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs EVERYTHING.
  • Hydrate your BEING: First thing in the morning drink room temperature water with a squirt of lemon ( or apple cider vinegar). Lemon or lime is detoxifying and alkalizing. To speed metabolism and digestion add cayenne pepper and/or ginger. Also, try dabbing pink salt on your tongue before drinking your morning tonic. Pink sea salt, full of electrolytes and minerals, will quench your thirst and hydrate your intestines. It will also help regulate blood sugar and stabilize your body’s PH.
  • Quiet your MIND: Make it a priority to sit in silence for at least 10-15 minutes each morning. If not in the morning, try at sunset or before bed.   Just be here for a moment with no expectations. Clear your mind, connect with the elements around you and allow your whole nervous system to relax. Focus on your breath and nothing else.
  • Move your BODY: Move in some way every day: run, yoga, swim, walk, dance, surf, stretch. I have found my productivity and energy throughout the day is higher when exercise starts on my day.  If you don’t have the time first thing, squeeze in 10-15 minute increments throughout the day. Take the stairs, walk to the post office, run around with the kids, bike to work, dance like no one is watching, water the garden, clean ( blast the tunes-get into it), work on the house, organize the kitchen and/or garage. Call a friend if you need help being accountable ( I do!) schedule a workout together so you can’t back out.


Renew: Take a cold shower first thing to wake your body. Great for circulation, especially after little sleep and too much booze. Wash with nontoxic yummy soaps and massage your body with coconut oil infused with your favorite essential oil. Start your day feeling fresh.

Whats THAT?!: You can tell a lot about your digestion and overall health by our poop. “They,” say its best if soft brown, little odor and well-formed. Check in if its pellet like, foul and full of undigested foods. If that’s the case, reevaluate what you ate the day before and check in with your energy and skin to see to see if there’s a correlation. And remember to not panic when you eat beets the night before

DESAYUNO: According to Ayurvedic tradition, eating our first meal around 8-8:30 am will ignite our “Agni”  or metabolic fire. Great, let’s get it fired up, but for me, my schedule is all over the place.  I have a hard time eating first thing, but an hour later I’m ravenous. If you’re not a hungry first thing, hydrate and pack a snack, be prepared so you don’t crash. Also, try to avoid eating 2 hours before bed.

  • Healthy Stuff


Morning Green VIBRANCE:  

the goods:

  • coconut water ( 1 pipa or 1 can)
  • young coconut meat ( or a spoonful of almond butter)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbs maca
  • 1 tbs spirulina
  • a spoonful of coconut oil
  • tsp vanilla bean powder or vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp Camu Camu powderhigh in vitamin c – I add when feeling run down or about to travel)

to create:


** I find balancing smoothies with a fat ( coconut oil), protein ( spirulina/whey, hemp or gelatin) and sugar (fruit) satisfies hunger and energy for longer when all aspects are combined. This will prevent the sugar high and crash. A balance of fat/protein and sugar will help our bodies utilize all nutrients and sustain for a couple hours before a workout.

If you’re without a blender, fear not, experience fruit in its whole state. I encourage you to build a relationship with the fruit, especially when you consume every day. How does it make you feel? Experience the texture, flavor, and effects in its whole state, alternate this with juicing and blending. 

Here are a few:

  • Banana mashed with tahini ( or whole organic yogurt), spirulina, cinnamon and the sprinkle of salt. ( optional add soaked almonds)
  • Papaya with lime, pinch of sea salt and spirulina ( and/or hemp seeds)
  • Apple sliced and cooked in a bit of coconut oil. Adorned with cinnamon, drizzle with honey, tahini and sea salt.

A few other options before heading out:

  • Avocado toast: a slice of sprouted or whole grain toast with avocado, lime and sea salt. ( optional add: nutritional yeast & soft boiled egg)
  • Supercharged Bliss Ball: ** see recipe below

Supercharged Bliss Ball

Apres SWEAT:

 A mix of protein and carbs is great for the body to replenish after exercise. Best to eat 30 minutes after exercise. Replenish your muscles, don’t let yourself crash. 

  • See: Sweet Potato recipes (previous post) 
  • See Jungle Egg Salad ( below)
  • Morning Love Oats: soaked oats in water for an hour or overnight, rinse and stir in couple tablespoons of chia with coconut water, cinnamon, spirulina, maca, maple syrup or honey, and a sprinkling of sea salt.
  • Macro Morning: millet( soaked overnight and rinsed) cooked in coconut water. Towards the end of cooking add a handful of greens ( chard, kale or spinach). Finish with avocado, a handful of sprouts and poached egg or steamed fish.
  • Amazonian Desayuno: steamed fish, boiled green plantain ( sweet potato, quinoa or wild rice also works nice) and steamed greens. Simple and satisfying.


TO COOK: steam, cook in coconut oil, or organic pasture raised butter/ghee. Avoid cooking with vegetable oils, which are unstable under high heat.

Supercharged Bliss Ball

Super Charged Bliss Ball: ( will last for a couple months in the freezer, if they don’t get eaten)

the goods:

  • 1 cup dried fruit ( banana, pineapple, dates)
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut
  • 1 cup oats
  •  1/4 cup cacao
  • 2 TB maca
  • 2 TB honey or maple syrup
  • 2 TB spirulina
  • sprinkling cinnamon and sea salt

to create:

In the food processor blend fruit until past forms. Then add rest of the ingredients except honey. Process until incorporated and then add honey to bring it all together. Form into balls, store in the refrigerator for a week or in a freezer for up to a month.


the goods:

4 boiled eggs

1/4 avocado ( or TB of tahini)

1 TB  nutritional yeast

sea salt to taste.

juice of the lime ( or a splash of apple cider vinegar)

handful fresh chopped dill and chives

to create:

Boil eggs 8-10 minutes. Cool and peel. Mash avocado, nutritional yeast, chopped herbs, lime and sea salt. Eat with a fork, on top of the steamed sweet potato, organic corn chips, mix in with chopped kale, or wrap up in a collard leaf.

Some Words…

What didn’t happen today can wait until tomorrow. Relax and stop being so hard on yourself. We are constantly evolving, expanding our consciousness, building strength in both body, mind, and spirit.  Each day a clean slate, wipe the old away and start fresh. Cultivate awareness around unconscious debilitating habits that no longer serve us and call in relationships and routines that benefit us on all levels.



The sun peaking over the horizon, the lush jungle waking up, a cool breeze ripples through the palm fronds as the birds orchestrate delicious songs. As we sleep, the majestic sea crashes throughout the night. The sun peaking over the horizon, leaving my dream world into this one. Stretching tall feeling my body uncoil, my eyes still adjusting, a new day. My mind racing with that endless list, the waves always pulling me. My computer closed, I glance over, the eyes of the opaque apple glaring, piercing my mind. YOU can wait. Stop taunting me. I come back to my center, clearing my mind for the day to come, a journey in itself.

Finding a rhythm in the morning is truly an art, one that takes work. If utilized consciously that first golden hour of the day can be potent nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. This evolutionary process takes discipline and patience. Daily routine, also known as dinacharya in Sanskrit, can help us make positive changes in our lives. Ayurvedic medicine encourages setting a routine to cultivate balance, clarity, and vitality in our lives.







This list might seem overwhelming at first, but over time it will become second nature.

Be patient with yourself and the process. Digest slowly and reflect what works for you. Remember it’s all part of the journey and we’re all different. Set yourself up for success.

Here are a few tips that have helped me:

Prepare the night before:

Clean: clean dishes and/or living space. Start your day fresh with clean energy.

List: make a list, prioritize what needs to happen first.

Food prep: a few simple tasks will change your whole morning: Here are a few suggestions to get you started, but don’t feel like all need to happen at once.

  • Grains and Legumes: Cover completely with water in a cool dark spot. Soak overnight and rinse the next morning. This process removes phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of enzymes, ultimately allowing our bodies to absorb more nutrients, digest properly and cook more efficiently. Try Soaking oats overnight, drain and rinse the next morning. Stir in a couple tablespoons of chia seeds, cinnamon, vanilla bean powder, the pinch of sea salt, splash raw honey, fresh fruit and splash of raw cream, organic yogurt, or hemp/almond milk. Enjoy cold or warm gently.
  • Green Sauce: Blend a couple handfuls of greens (arugula, kale or spinach) and herbs ( cilantro, parsley or basil), spoonful tahini or whole organic yogurt, squeeze of citrus (lemon, lime or orange), splash sweet ( honey or maple), pinch of pink sea salt, glug of olive oil or coconut water. Blend, store in a jar and eat with everything.
  • Protein: ( local poultry, wild local fish, pasture-raised beef, wild game): Fresh: marinate the night before. Frozen: place in a bowl and into the refrigerator. Ready to cook the next day.
  • Sweet potatoes: steam 3-5 sweet potatoes whole. A brilliant and healthy base to many dishes. (See below for recipes
  • Eggs: Boil eggs 8-10 minutes. Cool and refrigerate.  Great for a quick snack or breakfast. ( See: Jungle Egg Salad recipe in next post)
  • Bone Broth: Add marrow bones to a tall soup pot or crock pot with a healthy splash of apple cider vinegar. Vinegar pulls the collagen from the bones into the broth. Collagen ingested internally is beneficial for skin, bones, digestion, and aids in healing especially in times of chronic pain. Simmer on low heat overnight. Skim off foam and discard, where many impurities accumulate. Next morning, strain, cool and refrigerate. Once cold the fat will solidify on top, skim off if desired. Your gold is ready to use. Add to grains, soups, beans, or sip warm before bed. If juice cleanses no longer work or is affordable try the bone broth cleanse instead.

Prepare Snacks: see Super Charged Bliss Ball recipe ( next post)

Soak nuts: Soak overnight and rinse. Use in nut milk, add to oatmeal, salads or pestos. Use in moderation, but if your gonna eat nuts soak them. Soaking awakens the nuts to its maximum nutritional availability. Read more on soaking here.

Stock house:  Stock your house with fresh staples. Some suggestions: fresh and frozen fruit, root and leafy vegetables, fresh herbs, eggs, pasture raised local meat and/or wild local fish, grains, legumes. Store and organize your food for the week. Designate a time to make this a priority.

Call a friend: Call a friend that will keep you accountable, especially if you need that extra push ( which I always do) Go play outside: run, walk, hike, bike, yoga, surf, swim, connect with the elements and move your body.



Winding down:

Take a bathAdd Epsom salts and essential oils to a warm bath. I love peppermint, lavender, and ylang-ylang. Aromatherapy will help to calm the mind and nervous system. Play soothing music, or enjoy the silence.

Sip a cup of tea: Add dried peppermint, chamomile and licorice to warm pot. Steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain and enjoy.  This mixture relaxes the body and soothes digestion before rest.

Limit sound waves before snoozing: Try to avoid all electronics an hour before bed.

Sleep: Aim to be in bed by 10-10:30. Our bodies replenish and detoxify from 10-2:30 am.



The facts: Sweet Potatoes

High in starch, easy to break down, excellent for digestion as it soothes the stomach and intestines. The high content of vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), vitamin C and fiber. Excellent for digestion. A healing food especially for those who have pain and inflammation with stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. The roughage of sweet potatoes keeps us regular, relieving any constipation.


Sweet Potato Magic:

In Costa Rica known as camote, are pink skinned with white flesh? In the states, you can find both yams, sweet potatoes and a Japanese variety similar to camote. All are great, just a matter of preference and availability to your region. Steam 3 large or 5 small to have on hand to recreate into quick supercharged meals throughout the week. 

Try these adding these to a steamed sweet potato:

  • add black beans ( canned organic or pre-cooked), shredded organic chicken, avocado, cilantro and fresh lime.
  • add a poached egg, handful fresh arugula, goat cheese
  • add cinnamon, tahini ( or whole organic yogurt), a drizzle of maple syrup pinch of sea salt
  • add your favorite pesto, a handful toasted pumpkin seeds, and a fried egg.
  • slice and fry in coconut oil, serve with steamed kale and wild caught local fish.

Some Words.

The UNIVERSE has been testing me this past week.  WOAH!.. Honestly, taking a beating lately, not looking for sympathy, but in complete AWE! Scorpions, spiders, wasps, ants, mosquitos, beetles, poking and prodding me to slow down, open my eyes and shut up.  Each one a messenger from the universe with infinite wisdom; teachers are all around us. wrecking my bike, banging my board, stubbing my toe, slicing my finger, burning my arm, grabbing that scorpion on the sponge, speaking from the ego and BAM wasp hits the finger. SO my share for today speaks from the heart,  be present with each action and person and take time to acknowledge all of the elements around you.  All beings truly connected, all ONE.  Tomorrows a new day, starting fresh. Giving thanks for the lessons. Humbled am I. Start your day off right, hope these tips help you on that path. Much love and gratitude for your support,


The journey of clear skin.

I’ve truly have been on this road for years. An ongoing battle, I may never win, but feel more empowered and knowledgeable because of the ride. I passionately believe we all endure and suffer obstacles in life so we can enlighten others to overcome what no longer serves. Each day, a clean slate, to shed our old ways, gather new tools and apply them to our lives. Constantly learning and changing, our bodies AMAZINGLY responsive and vibrant if we actually tune into to what it needs. As we listen we are forced to slow down and open our eyes to the endless wisdom and knowledge around us, whether it be in nature or in people. So whatever your struggle may be, take it as free healing, embrace it and rise above it. I offer you a snippet of my ride in hopes that you find clarity and inspiration in it all.

I’ve had years of eczema on my arms( covered in scabs), acne all over, and full on monkey session in the bathroom sink. I’ve tried every cleanser under the sun, late night hydration, countless treatments, even antibiotics. Obsessive about washing, scrubbing and treating only led to scars and more zits. Constantly putting attention to the monsters on my face just fed the problem. Unconscious itching of  my arms and picking of my face only made it worse, continuing the cycle of scar upon scar. Your not alone here, if any of this is hitting home for you. It will get better.

I believe emotional and physical stress plays a big role in skin ailments, diet contributes, but have found best results from items in my kitchen,  keeping my hands off, breathing more and slowing down.

Diving in deep, getting to the root of the problem, healing and thriving more and more every day. My skin is healthier than it has been in years and these below have contributed to it.

Some thoughts to ponder on, ones I hope improve your skin and/or outlook on healing.

RINSE with cold water first thing. eyes, nose, teeth gums, flush it. Avoid harsh cleansers, products, lotions and potions – if you can’t eat dont put it on your face. Our skin, our biggest organ will absorbs everything!

 HYDRATE INTERNALLY first thing upon waking with warm water and lemon, lime or apple cider vinegar. Allow the water to hydrate your body, tune into what you need for the day. Let this be your restart button.   Bring water with you throughout your day. Make cultivating a hydration practice a priority. For every alcoholic or caffeinated beverage you consume, drink a glass of water. When traveling, use it as an opportunity to hydrate. I make an effort to hydrate more than eating while traveling. 

HYDRATE EXTERNALLY: Don’t let skin dry out. When our skin drys out, our pores struggle to breath, pores become clogged and then we break out. Keep moisturized. I use shea butter, coconut oil and/or olive oil. For the face:I use shea butter, allow oil to penetrate. Then run a damp cotton ball over skin to pull out any dirt. When you get out of the shower lather yourself in coconut oil, cacao butter or olive oil while skin is still damp.

SLEEP. when I’m running low on sleep, my skin becomes dehydrated, pores more visible and bags under my eyes. Sleep and water are the best medicine and free. Make it priority.

CLEAN towels and pillow cases. Wash a couple times a week.

DON’T PICK. Don’t touch your face. Don’t let your friends pick at you. Leave your face alone. Steam, exfoliate and drink a big glass of water before going in for the kill. Cover mirrors if you have to and dont get any where close to magnifying mirrors. No one will ever look that close.

LIMIT CAFFEINE/STIMULANTS ( coffee, mate, sugar, cacao, maca) during your moon time and/or stress. For me, these seem to aggregate more. Dairy and gluten can also irritate for some, try cutting back and see how your skin reacts.

MEDITATE everyday. Visualize a white light clearing and cleansing your skin. 50 % of this battle is mental, irritation on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s going on in the inside. Whatever you choose to do, believe.

COOLING FOODS: cucumber, celery, parsley, mint. Avoid spicy and fried foods when skin is on the fritz.

  • Recipe: : slice 2 cucumber thin, splash apple cider vinegar, squeeze of lime, handful fresh dill chopped, handful fresh mint, 1/2 avocado diced,  drizzle of tahini or whole yogurt, pinch of sea salt, top with toasted black sesame seeds.

REEVALUATE your relationships and levels of stress. Stress is depleting on all levels and is reflected in our skin. Let go of energy vampires and slow down. You can only change a person to a certain extent. If you feel drained and exhausted after a friend or lover leaves, take it as a sign that it is no longer serving you. Let it go and keep moving forward. All is unfolding as it should, trust in the process.  

REESTABLISH your relationship with food. Relax around food. Don’t let it consume your thoughts and behaviors. Breath deep and bless your food up before consuming. Allow your body to receive not reject your food.

– TAKE NOTE: Chinese medicine teaches us that breakouts in different regions on the body can signify toxcities those particular organs. For example, congestion on the cheeks reflects the stagnation in the lungs ( lay off the smoking or avoid second hand smoke). Congestion on the chin, usually is a result of hormonal imbalance. Focus on nourishing foods, calming activities ( yoga, meditation, walks, hikes). Bumps around the hair line and jaw line could be result from sunscreen or shampoos. Try changing and see if bumps disappear. I love Alfalfa products made with shea butter.


Some words.

Surrender to what you can’t control and embrace what you can. Tis the time to take your life into your own hands. Stop relying on someone or something to fix it all, which is only a band aid to the problem. Ask for what you need and the universe will provide. Clear thoughts and intention manifest quicker than you think, just try it out.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Make plans and dream for the future, but live each moment now. The universe has many lessons and signs right under our noses if we get out of our head and open our eyes to the endless possibilities. When the voices, lists and nonsense cloud your thoughts, try singing or move your body. Shake it, center out, tune in and listen.

AND remember simple is better, breathing is good, happiness cures all. Get out there and have fun let your mind and body run wild. Your skin, body, mind and soul will all benefit.

Stay TUNED: for the next article on recipes for skin care that you can find in your kitchen:)