Welcome to Lady Love Food!

My food journey has organically evolved from The French Culinary Institute, to working the line in New York City at Scarpetta, to owning my own catering business, JB & ME, in Telluride Colorado, to cooking for retreats and teacher trainings in Costa Rica at Bamboo Yoga Play.  Currently I offer healing, education and vitality through vibrant and delicious food. Expect locally sourced ingredients with little processing, lots of flavor and a ton of love to energize your body. I emphasize the importance of becoming present through whole living foods by teaching quick and easy recipes that are nutritionally and spiritually charged.

I started Lady Love Food in May of 2011 in Costa Rica as a way to share with friends and family my journey through food, health and travel.  An eclectic array of food pictures, mixed in with some words of wisdom on life and health based on my own personal experiences. I am currently living in Pavones, Costa Rica offering cooking classes and Jungle Soul Table events.  I will be traveling back to the States  for private chef work, conferences, and classes. I hope to inspire you  to source your food sustainably, get creative and innovative in the kitchen with the intention to bring more health, happiness and vitality into your life

Common Questions:

What kind of food do you cook?

My cooking has evolved over the years into a more plant-based diet, utilizing local and seasonal food. I encourage you to experience food in its whole state, with little processing and fresh seasoning such as herbs, citrus, olive oil, and sea salt. I find my inspiration from farmers markets, the farmers themselves, their stories of food, and what my body craves after moving in yoga, dance or surfing. Food in essence is my paint and the plate my canvas. I usually don’t have a plan or a recipe, but let the food be my guide to combine like favors and accentuate the next. I crave colorful foods such as: kale salads, pestos made with seeds and lots of herbs, green smoothies, hearty veggie soups, cacao treats, anything avocado~ especially smeared on yuca flatbread with lime cilantro and a sprinkle of crunchy salt, fresh caught fish grilled with a bit of citrus and handful of fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes and basil, papaya y lemon and of course lots of fresh pipa water. Surfing has brought much color of inspiration to my life and my cooking. It has me craving vibrant foods that nourish and vitalize my body. Hair wet, music cranked, muscles sore and happy, dancing in the kitchen, sun setting, orchestrating the next meal ~ pura vida.

What are you? Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten-Free? 

I don’t restrict or classify with  a category or diet; however I appreciate and enjoy food in moderation its whole state grown organically with lots of love.

My cooking and diet are composed mainly of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, gluten free grains, beans, lentils with a small portion of organic local eggs, locally caught sustainable fish, local raw goat cheese and the occasional local filet of beef or elk (a couple times a year).  I crave  colorful foods grown from the Earth, hoping to inspire you to do the same.

I will cater to any and all allergies and dietary concerns.
* Please email: blakely.stein@gmail.com for any questions, comments or inquiries.