JUNGLE SOUL LOVE: pure source cacao creations


PURE SOURCE CACAO CREATIONS RAW ORGANIC ENERGY SUPERFOOD MAGIC PURE COSTA RICAN INGREDIENTS VEGAN GLUTEN FREE SUGAR FREE ORGANIC MADE with LOVE COCONUT JOYS: shredded coconut vanilla bean cups topped with our JSL cacao & sea salted top. JUICY BLISS ROLLS: JSL cacao filled with our signature filling: tahini, vanilla bean, maca & raw honey center. YIN YANG POWER:  JSL light and dark cacao swirled together with flecks of vanilla bean filled with our signature filling ALMOND JOYFUL: an almond butter cup that will blow your mind. homemade almond butter with cinnamon, vanilla and maca topped with JSL cacao & flaked sea salt. SINFULLY FREE: JSL cacao  sweetened with xylitol instead of honey SEA WARRIOR: the ultimate raw power bar with no sugar! coconut, pumpkin seeds, tahini, vegan protein, maca, xylitol,  cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt What is Jungle Soul? The jungles of the world encompass the HEART of the Earth. The jungle in Costa Rica is pumping with a life force that permeates, saturates and enlivens all beings.   JUNGLE SOUL is a vibrant and nourishing energy that we can carry with us at any time, any… Read More…

Mama Beats Cancer

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      Life. It’s beautiful, an absolute blessing and can also be completely and utterly confusing and painful. Each day on this Earth a blessing with much beauty in both the dark and light. As humans,  we’re inevitably bound to experience some sort of suffering.  During these times, we have a  choice to revert to our old ways or shed awareness around new ways to better ourselves and the world around us.  All of us have a different purpose/calling/gift to share with the world. Understanding our purpose sometimes becomes more clear after experiencing these challenges. Change is happening every second. Our cells are regenerating and deteriorating in this very moment. New people come in and out of our lives, as do tragedies, sickness and unfortunate events. Sometimes the dark moments feel as if nothing else matters and time has stopped.  Whatever your challenge is, know that you’re not alone. When we get to that dark spot, we can only move into the light. These obstacles do indeed strengthen our soul, further our progression and… Read More…



  Check this article I wrote for @foodandwine:  “AVOCADOROTICA: 5 NEW WAYS TO PURSUE YOUR LUST FOR AVOCADOS” photo by: Eduardo Herrara

soul food for the skin


The journey of clear skin. I’ve truly have been on this road for years. An ongoing battle, I may never win, but feel more empowered and knowledgeable because of the ride. I passionately believe we all endure and suffer obstacles in life so we can enlighten others to overcome what no longer serves. Each day, a clean slate, to shed our old ways, gather new tools and apply them to our lives. Constantly learning and changing, our bodies AMAZINGLY responsive and vibrant if we actually tune into to what it needs. As we listen we are forced to slow down and open our eyes to the endless wisdom and knowledge around us, whether it be in nature or in people. So whatever your struggle may be, take it as free healing, embrace it and rise above it. I offer you a snippet of my ride in hopes that you find clarity and inspiration in it all. I’ve had years of eczema on my arms( covered in scabs), acne all over, and full on monkey session in the bathroom sink. I’ve tried every cleanser under… Read More…

JST: numero cuatro


  Coco and I are in the kitchen recipe testing and writing our menu for the next Jungle Soul Table event: May 13th. Amy’s busy coordinating  and gathering the people. Laura working away like a busy bee dialing in her handcrafted abode. You should see all the new additions since our last JST event. The daily rain blesses the earth leaving the the jungle lush, the waves pumping and the food abundant.  Blessed are we to share the YUM with YOU! Please join us: Event Details: May 13th, 2014 Sunset at Laura’s house: Pavones, Costa Rica $30 for a single ticket $50 for couples email: blakely.stein@gmail.com to reserve your spot or call 506-8391-9108 ( private events and classes all available upon request, email to reserve)   a few snippets from our menu that I’m super stoked on… coconut curry root vegetable samosas ( made from baked rice paper) ginger carrot cake with mango and coconut cream rustic jungle/farm salad: torn fresh goat cheese with local avocado, tomato, sprouts and baby arugula.   a bit on JUNGLE SOUL… Read More…

dance of life


ahhh!! Back in the jungle with my handsome-hairy love after a few FULL weeks in the States. HEART opening, humbling, exciting and exhausting to say the least, but genuinely GRATEFUL for the experiences. I’m struggling with finding balance between my life here in the jungle and in the States. I travel to the mainland full and bright and somehow return to the jungle depleted and defeated, a dance that I will master with time. In the eye of the storm, spiraling, riding the undulating twists and turns that this beautiful life brings. Each moment so rich and full, I can truly taste it. Even my dream world is vividly succulent. My senses stimulated, my mind a cluttered mess, my body continuously healing, waking up to the infinite possibilities; an ongoing journey of finding peace and love within. Each moment that we authentically show up, our experiences more full, our offerings more genuine. LIFE, like the unpredictable waves of the sea, truly beautiful in all its magic and mystery. As the years have past, I continue… Read More…

a new morning: part 2


  10 easy steps to a new morning and a new YOU.  BUENAS DIAS: When healing, pregnant, elderly and/or sick allow your body to sleep. If not, try waking as the sun is rising. TRANQUILO: As you awake be gentle on yourself. Check in with your breath, your body and mind. Give thanks for another morning. Try to keep the chatter to minimum. Wait to open your computer until after you have nourished yourself on all levels. It can wait. ( Unplug your wireless internet before you go to bed. Wait to rev it back up until  after you check in with YOU. TOOTH CARE: brush: Try circular motions with soft bristles. Easy on the gums. floss – Someone once told me to care for your teeth as you would your bum. Give attention to the surface, but what lies between the cracks is equally as important. Floss those teeth. oil pulling: Swoosh coconut oil in your mouth to remove toxins and whiten teeth. I like to do while cleaning or reading. Swoosh for at least… Read More…

a new morning: part 1


The sun peaking over the horizon, the lush jungle waking up, a cool breeze ripples through the palm fronds as the birds orchestrate delicious songs. As we sleep, the majestic sea crashes throughout the night. The sun peaking over the horizon, leaving my dream world into this one. Stretching tall feeling my body uncoil, my eyes still adjusting, a new day. My mind racing with that endless list, the waves always pulling me. My computer closed, I glance over, the eyes of the opaque apple glaring, piercing my mind. YOU can wait. Stop taunting me. I come back to my center, clearing my mind for the day to come, a journey in itself.  Finding a rhythm in the morning is truly an art, one that takes work. If utilized consciously that first golden hour of the day can be potent nourishment for the body, mind and soul. This evolutionary process takes discipline and patience. Daily routine, also known as dinacharya in Sanskrit, can help us make positive changes in our lives. Ayurvedic medicine encourages setting a… Read More…

envision this

burger 2

Our cars packed to the brim with pots, pans, a stove, knives, machetes, bags of beans,racks of coconuts, kilos of rice, and a pile of surfboards strapped to the top of the car. 3 jungle sisters and a handsome photographer embarking on a journey to bring Jungle Soul Table to the Envision Festival. With thousands of people pouring into Uvita, we trekked north to cocreate and nourish the masses. My phone ringing every few minutes with different food distributors calling to sell or coordinate pick up and delivery of the local goods was quite hilarious. Exchanging and bartering for food, meeting in parking lots, farms and grocery stores throughout the day into night, sourcing the yum…. 4 days of cooking, dancing, yoga and surfing. An experience of a lifetime, one we will never forget. People from all over the world collaborating in the jungle to cocreate for a weekend of self expression.  Still struggling to fully capture the experience into words, hope you can taste a snippet from our photos. I feel our mission was… Read More…

under the moon


      Another magical night under the moon. Beautiful souls poured through the front door eager for knowledge and locally sourced, handcrafted, love food.  We all came to the table in the middle of the jungle for our second JST event. Sold out the day before and half way booked for the next one on March 15th, continues to remind me that people are hungry for more. Ocean crashing in the background, perfect warm cool breeze and sweet sounds of all beings vibrating together, harmonizing, envisioning… our beverage for the evening: Fresh pressed Cane Juice with Lime, Tamarind and Orange. with a side of Tequila  nibbles to begin: Yuca Coconut Fritters with fresh fennel drizzled with a Green Aioli Pejibaye in glass jars immersed in sweet Olive oil, Rosemary and Garlic Lemongrass, Chile and Ginger Jackfruit Salad with Jungle Peanut, Mint and Buckwheat Sprouts wrapped in papaya leaves served with Zion Food’s pita the main event: Coconut Crusted Pargo Wild Rice and Quinoa cooked in Coconut Water with Avocado and Fresh Herbs Mantequila Beans… Read More…